Payment / Insurance

Payment / Insurance

“We do not let insurance companies decide what holistic treatment is best for your child.


Bedrock Pediatrics is a cash based practice and we DO NOT accept any insurances.

The care provider (parent/guardian) is responsible for paying the full amount of the visit at the time of care. The care provider (parent/guardian) is responsible to pay for any labs, supplements, or medications that are purchased from Bedrock Pediatrics. Bedrock Pediatrics takes CASH or CHECK for payments.

The providers at Bedrock Pediatrics are not currently recognized as in-network providers under any insurance plans and do not plan to ever be.

We do not guarantee any reimbursement or coverage from your insurance provider.

Most insurance plans do not reimburse for many of the specialty labs or treatments that we will recommend. At your request we can send you a superbill for your appointment that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement, but reimbursement is not guaranteed.

Why do we NOT accept insurance?

One of the major reasons that we do not bill insurance at our office is because then the insurance company becomes our boss and gets to decide what testing and treatment is appropriate for you. When you come to our office, we are assuming that you want a functional medicine approach and more holistic advice on your health care (not the
insurance company’s).

“No price is too great to preserve the
health of the fleet”
-John B. Jervis