Our Approach

Our Approach

Bedrock Pediatrics is a functional health practice for pediatrics. As we evaluate and treat our patients, we work to build a firm health foundation for kids which launch
them into healthy lives that last a lifetime.

Assisting in building this foundation of health may include: traditional laboratory and specialty lab assessments, nutrition recommendations, lifestyle changes, possible counseling, use of botanicals, homeopathic remedies, nutraceutical supplements, and in the right circumstance, prescription medications to establish a healthy life and maintain it.

We do not offer primary care services such as school physicals, vaccinations, or well child visits. We request that you have a primary care physician as we don’t perform routine pediatric care.

Functional Medicine for Pediatrics

Functional medicine has been described as a “root cause” investigation for what is ailing or causing symptoms in your child and using treatments to provide optimal functioning of the body and its organs.

With functional medicine, the focus is to not only decrease symptoms, but also to help diminish disease wherever it is possible. This approach involves use of functional, alternative, and holistic medicine. This differs from traditional western medicine that most have experienced at a family doctor or their pediatricians office. Typical western medicine involves evaluation of symptoms and categorizing these symptoms into a diagnosis and use of medications (drugs) or interventions to treat those symptoms, often, not considering why the symptoms are occurring.

Why Choose Us

Bedrock Pediatrics is the right choice for your family if:
You are seeking the cause of your child’s illness instead of just treating symptoms.
You want to have natural approach to health and use drugs as a last option.
You value using food and natural medicines to help achieve wellness.
You want a slower approach with more intentional conversations during your child’s appointment.
You desire to help your child get well faster when experiencing common illnesses.
You would like access to specialty lab testing that looks deeper into body functions.
You would like professional grade supplements and natural remedies.

We have been so pleased with our experience at Bedrock Pediatrics. Levi is wonderful to work with explains test results and recommendations in a patient and clear way and gave us great next steps to help in the journey with our son. To have someone who specializes in pediatric work here in Spokane is refreshing and we’re excited to continue partnering together to help create positive healthy changes.

Lisa Repp

We’re so thankful we went to Levi for family care. Our oldest son had a skin condition that we couldn’t quite figure out but Levi was quickly able to identify the problem and talk with us about the options for treatment. Once we decided on one our son had relief within a week. We are thankful for his knowledge and attention to detail. Also his follow up throughout that week meant a lot to us.

Lucas Miranda

Levi has provided attentive and helpful care for our daughter through viruses and dietary needs. Our daughter’s overall health and our confidence as parents is better because of Levi’s practice. Levi is compassionate and approachable while being excellent in his medical expertise.

Alex Guthrie