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“I desire to see kids thriving in life by establishing a healthy foundation for health, setting them on a path for life-long wellness.


Our Provider

Levi Bell, ARNP AC/PC

Levi is a board Certified Acute and Primary Care Practitioner receiving his education from #1 nationally ranked Pediatric Acute Care program at RUSH University (2014) and a top 10 Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program through Colorado University (2011)

For a decade Levi was an associate professor and clinical Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at a nationally ranked top 10 Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, where he developed expertise in pediatric illness. As his time in the ER continued Levi started seeing a recurring pattern of patients coming in with horrible eczema, out of control asthma, undiagnosed chronic abdominal pain, recurrent migraines, and a continuous flow of respiratory illnesses. Here he started hearing more about functional medicine and started the journey to discovering another aspect of medicine. As he received his extensive training from the Institute of Functional Medicine he was able to recognize and utilize another avenue of medicine that was able to help patients outside of the Emergency Room.

In his own life through Levi suffered from chronic seasonal allergies, allergy induced asthma in his child and young adult life. He also developed functional constipation that he thought was normal for someone working shift work at a hospital. Through his functional medicine education he began to unpack his own health dysfunction. In doing so, he has since seen his “normal” symptoms disappear and his difficulty with asthma and allergies, a thing of the past. He has continued to help others have similar success stories through a functional approach and has developed a greater desire to provide a pediatric specific option for health to those with similar struggles that have been normalized. His love for kids is infectious and is evidenced in the way he quickly connects with kids.

What people are saying

We have been so pleased with our experience at Bedrock Pediatrics. Levi is wonderful to work with explains test results and recommendations in a patient and clear way and gave us great next steps to help in the journey with our son. To have someone who specializes in pediatric work here in Spokane is refreshing and we’re excited to continue partnering together to help create positive healthy changes.

Lisa Repp

We’re so thankful we went to Levi for family care. Our oldest son had a skin condition that we couldn’t quite figure out but Levi was quickly able to identify the problem and talk with us about the options for treatment. Once we decided on one our son had relief within a week. We are thankful for his knowledge and attention to detail. Also his follow up throughout that week meant a lot to us.

Lucas Miranda

Levi has provided attentive and helpful care for our daughter through viruses and dietary needs. Our daughter’s overall health and our confidence as parents is better because of Levi’s practice. Levi is compassionate and approachable while being excellent in his medical expertise.

Alex Guthrie

Find the root cause of your child’s illness,
instead of just treating symptoms