Building the foundation of
health for your child.

We work to help your child set a healthy foundation so that your child achieves their optimal health: body, mind, and soul.

We partner with your regular or primary care provider and function as an adjunct provider to help support an optimize your child’s health.

We use functional, alternative, and holistic medicine to find the root cause for what is causing symptoms in your child and use treatments to provide optimal functioning of the body.

We approach each patient in an individualized approach, specific to their needs. No treatment plan is the same.

Our Role

Bedrock Pediatrics is a functional health practice. Our primary focus is to evaluate your child’s symptoms and illnesses to help to build a foundation of health that allows your kids to live their fullest life in their fullest health. Causes of these symptoms and illness could stem from underlying infections, nutritional imbalances, digestive impairment, environmental or food exposures, mitochondrial dysfunction, stress, or other less obvious sources.

The Providers at Bedrock Pediatrics’ goal is not to be or replace your child’s primary care provider, but help support and optimize your child’s health in a way that your existing provider may not be trained or able to do.

We do not offer primary care services such as school physicals, vaccinations, or well child visits. We request that you have a primary care physician as we don’t perform routine pediatric care.

Bedrock Pediatrics could help if…


Your child:
Requires frequent trips to the doctor, but they are still sick.
Needs recurrent rounds of antibiotics, laxatives, or steroids.
Has “normal workups”, but still having symptoms.
Is constantly ill and you’d like to use less pharmaceutical methods for acute illness.

As a parent:
You question if your child is getting everything possible to have their best health.
Are worried that the true cause of the illness is not being dealt with.

If you answered yes to any of the above, contact Bedrock Pediatrics for help.

What We Offer

Assisting in building your child’s foundation of health may include:

  • Functional ‘root cause’ Health assessment
  • Acute Sick Appointment
  • Traditional laboratory and specialty lab assessments
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • Integrative approach using of botanicals and homeopathy
  • Nutraceutical supplements
  • Practitioner grade supplements
  • In the right circumstance, antibiotic or prescription medications

Appointment Pricing

Functional Medicine


1 hour visit: $250
30 min follow-up: $150

  • Comprehensive History Physical exam
  • Recommendations for testing, lifestyle and nutrition changes
Additional Cost dependent on recommendations:
– Specialty laboratory tests
– Supplements
-Suggested outpatient labs

Acute Sick Visit

20 min visit

  • In office $120 
  • In home visit $150*

(text or call for in home appt)

*if >9 miles from office additional charge applied


  • History of illness assessment
  • Physical exam evaluation
  • In-office lab testing if needed
  • Scripts for pharmacy if indicated

Additional Cost dependent on recommendations:
– Supplements
– Medical supplies used if needed